Deposit Limits

What it is and how it works

It helps some customers to manage their gaming to be able to set a limit on the amount they can deposit into their Kalookisportsbook account over a specified time period.

The deposit limit facility allows you to limit the amount of money that you are able to deposit in to your account either daily (00h to the subsequent 00h UK Time), weekly (Monday 00h to the subsequent Monday 00h UK Time) or monthly (1st of the month 00h to subsequent 1st of the following month 00h UK Time).

These amounts may be reduced at any time, a reduction of your limits will be implemented immediately. An increase in your deposit limits will be implemented 24 hours after the request is made.  Your deposit limit will be Nett, therefore the limit will be reached taking into account both deposits and withdrawals over the set period.  I.E  Period deposit limit is £100 and you deposit £100, then withdraw £25 in the period then you are allowed to deposit £25 again.

If you would rather have a gross deposit limit not taking into account withdrawals then please advise us at the time.